All over the world, waves of immigrants are crossing borders in search of safer havens. The building of walls and fences to counteract this huge movement of people is becoming increasingly common. Pink Borders can be seen as a comment on this phenomenon. The project creates an intervention on the “La Croix Morand", by transforming its fences into a colorful boundary, interrupting the calm, grassy land with a bright flash of pink. Inspired by Luis Barragán’s pink walls that are emblematic of Mexico, the barbed wire barricades that surround the terrain are painted in a vivid magenta. To add to the experience, hundreds of small black bells will be attached to the wires. These bells are silenced: rather than making their typical tingling sound, the wind creates an eerie, voiceless, unexpected sound carpet on them.
The work invites people to question the meaning and importance of land borders on multiple layers. It magnifies the beauty of an everyday object, but it also raises questions about how and why we divide our lands.

Length Fences 600 m.
Length Wires 1200 m.

Concept: Marco Barotti
Text: Manou Koreman
Team: Albano Barotti, Alessandro Micheli, Nina Gazaniol, Anna Anderegg
Thanks: Magalie Vassenet, Vincent Tiphine
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Pink Borders is a site specific creation for "Horizons, Arts Nature en Sancy"