"The P-Drum realizes the modern concept of a hybrid audio/visual performance and multi-function musical instrument, playable by both solo and group-performers. Compact when stowed, it defiantly expands into an imposingly beautiful 2m x 1m interactive inflatable sculpture that lets one play the sounds of virtually any instrument through its wildly intuitive interface. Pneumatic drums is a project of Marco Barotti and plastique fantastique.
A top a transparent and organic toroid-shaped surface which is constructed from tear- and heat-resistant plastic, nineteen custom-designed piezo-electronic percussive pads form the basis of the P-drum's musical interface. Striking the pads generates varying electronic pulses which are converted into digital MIDI notes - these are received and processed by software such as MAX/MSP and Ableton Live in order to create a wide palette of percussive and melodic sounds, in addition to live visual effects.
The concave front of the P-drum consists of a special material (rear projection film) which allows a projector placed behind it to generate visuals that enhance and enliven the pneumatic sound experience. An digital projection-mapping system was developed to conform images, colours and free-form shapes onto the P-drum's toroidal surface in realtime. All of these visuals react with intelligence and style to a performer's actions, giving musicians complete control over a unique and striking stage presence.
All P-Drum materials and installation components fit inside a compact roadcase and carry-on case which don't exceed aircrafts' checked- and hand-luggage limits. This is an essential feature which facilitates transport considerably."

Team: Marco Barotti, Marco Canevacci, Pier Zerbib, Johannes Marx, Michel Morin, Arai Tatsuru
photos: Jakub Koncir