Rolling Stones “A charismatic singer. An urban landscape consisting of beats, drops from the keys and atmospheric sounds. Author’s-house-music. Epic."

Intro “An outstanding record, far beyond the usual genre categories."

Groove “Barotti’s neo-drama sound that spins around orchestral classical music and synth-electronica has its finger on the pulse."

Musik Express “A new form of techno. Dark beats, strings, epochal."

A soundtrack for fantastic futuristic fairytales. Epic and symphonic – with a deep electronic base. Armed with iconic analog gear of the 1970s and 1980s, a hand-picked group of high level classical string and horn players and the whole imaginary world of his absurd fantasies, Marco Barotti is opening up a new dimension in the vast field between contemporary classical and electronic music. The album was recorded in Casablanca and Berlin. Co-written and co-produced with Swedish composer Anders Ehlin and German producer Valentin Sommer.

Supported Music Board Berlin
Released on Gomma Records 2015
Mixed & Mastered by Rob Rox
Drawing by Sandra Tebbe
Art work by Paze

Strings and horns arranged by anders Ehlin. recorded by Berend intelmann
Strings played by Elke Brauweiler, olga Holdor , Johannes Henschel
Horns played by Jason Liebert, thomas Klupsch
Bass on the Flames played by Mirko Schaffer
Photo by Tim Barber. model: Katya Konstantinova.