"Half of the human brain is devoted directly or indirectly to vision"
Mriganka Sur, Professor of Neuroscience, MIT

"Imagine hearing the colours you perceive"
Sound Of Light is a synesthetic sculpture which interprets and dynamically transforms sunlight into audio frequencies. It is a site specific installation designed for the former music pavilion in Hamm, Germany, which was built in 1912. A high-quality digital camera mounted on the top of the structure films the sky and divides it into six colours - RGB and CMY. The six hanging, coloured columns of the pneumatic structure which stand for the primary RGB (red/green/blue) and secondary CMY (cyan/magenta/yellow) colour models – are designed to receive different frequencies and convert them from visible to audible sensory input. A series of woofers is fixed directly on the bottom of each column and convert the whole architecture into a giant vibrating loudspeaker. Sound Of Light is a composition of hue, saturation, and light. By mixing sound and architecture, the audience experience a unique oneiric reality through the superimposition of colours, shapes, sounds and vibrations. Visitors can also discover their own concert by changing their point of view – an individual spectrum.

Presented at: Urban Lights Ruhr 2014, Hamm
Concept: Marco Barotti, Marco Canevacci
Team: Mirjam Dorsch, Àlvaro Gómez-Sellés, Stephanie Grönnert, Hugo Luque, Michel Morin, Simone Serlenga, Valentin Sommer, Gabriel Spera, Yena Young
Thanks: Katja Aßmann
Photos: Marco Canevacci, Simone Serlenga
Video: Camilla Mantovani
Sound Of Light is a joint project of Marco Barotti and Plastique Fantastique.

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