The Term refers to the possibility of simulating a reality and depicting this reality from the perspective of an intelligent cleaning system with the aid of robot vacuum cleaners. And might it also refer to the possibility of objective truth? The exhibition room is explored by six ‘Sisybots’ vacuum-cleaning robots which follow seemingly random patterns. However, in the case of the always dutiful Sisybot – a combination of the words Sisyphus and robot – there is also the question of the sense and purpose of equipment designed to help out with the housework. Can one be trapped and secure in a virtuality controlled by others? And do Androids dream of electric sheep?

This autonomous system can monitor its surroundings using cameras and sensors, and can thus react to similar systems, visitors and the room in an interactive manner. During the exhibition period from 9 to 30 March, visitors will be able to see for themselves whether the loss of societal identity has already come true or whether more about the intelligence of machines will become perceptible in this utopian reality.

Sisybot is a project of Holomatter Group: Marco Barotti, Marco Canevacci, Franz Höfner, Tim Schober, Markus Wüste, Yena Young

Exhibition 09.03.– 30.03.2013 Scotty Enterprises, Berlin
Exhibition 29.05.– 31.05.2014 Alhondiga, Bilbao